who i am. what i do. what i like.

Hello, my name is Aimee Buyea. I try to be an artist but I seldom make art. I have lots of skills though- meaning I can do a lot of creative things but I usually do them for other people. Until June 2017, I spent a lot of my time, maybe too much of my time, organizing alternative art events in Buffalo. I use a certain rhetoric, am a people person and I have magical organizational powers. How did I get like this? I grew up in rural WNY and South Buffalo. I went to school at the University at Buffalo and studied with Tony Conrad and Caroline Koebel in the Media Study Department. There I really got into the DIY film/video scene and indie rock n' roll. After graduating I ran away to the mountains of Massachusetts for 6.5 months to intern at MASS MoCA. I learned so much and left so inspired. In 2008, I joined AmeriCrops and moved back to Buffalo and started a non-profit alternative artspace called Sugar City. Sugar City has been up and running for over 10 years (YIKES!) doing awesome all-ages outside the box art events around the city! I was injured in a really bad bike accident in June 2011 and I can no longer smell. SO PLEASE WEAR A HELMET. Thankfully I am doing alright and I am ready to continue living my life. In 2017, I packed up and moved out of Buffalo and bought 5 acres in Landers, Ca (close to Joshua Tree National Park) to become a desert rat, work in the arts, look for ufos and enjoy the sunshine.

For more structure here's my outdated resume: RESUME

I like making friends and dispensing information, meaning you should email me any queries to : aimee.buyea-at-gmail.com

These are my teeth.

If you want to use your imagination and create your own image of my physical being DO NOT SCROLL DOWN

Being a desert rat

Making stuff

Commanding a large crowd.

Hanging out with a bat.

Saying goodbye to Buffalo.