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the show lasted november 06-may 07 and like over 150 people showed up.


Artvoice wrote about it.

not the usual suspects: a DIY variety art show looking to bring art to everyone

not the usual suspects is a variety art show that aims to open up the Buffalo art scene to
"artists" and participants who have not yet experienced the talent Buffalo has to offer. We
hope to combine fresh, different, and original music, performances, poetry, comedy,
readings, video/films, and still art together in one experience that will hopefully bring art
and our community together.

get out your crayons, camera, notebook, drum machines or baking sheet! It's time for the
next not the usual suspects!! The last show went so well so let's keep it going!!! We are
having a bake sale again so please consider bring something. We also wanted to open up
the space to local crafters, button makers, zine makers or any-makers to sell/display their
work. So even if you aren't an "artist"; we hope you'll consider creating something to
contribute to the upcoming shows.

We also want to thank everyone for coming out to our past shows. They have been going
so well because of you! Just a reminder: the content of the show also depends on you so if
you didn't like a video-make your own for the next show. didn't like a musical act- get out
your dusty guitar. It's strange but not the usual suspects prides itself on its lack of
selectivity. Basically if you contact us a by the submissions deadline we can work with you
and pretty much let you do whatever you want. We do not need to hear your demo (or lack
there of) or see samples of your work to be in the show. We just ask that everyone come
with a good attitude. Community is what makes this show work.
some select pictures: